Catering for Hospitals

Delicious and Cost-Effective

Just like restaurant service; this is what our hospital catering concept,  Delicatess, promises. We work closely with clients and develop a proposal that is tailor-made to the individual needs of the organization taking the limitations and opportunities of the space available into account as well as the client’s wishes. This may mean operating the kitchen in your facility and preparing food on site. But Delicatess can provide restaurant service without without an on-site kitchen too. This is possible through deployment of modern, flexible production systems and application of the professional knowledge of our catering specialists.

We always have the interests of the patients in mind and the food in a hospital can be part of therapy. We work with nutritionists and offer the entire range of special diets. 

Delicatess may also include catering for your employees such as a coffee bar or the staff restaurant. Wherever we are responsible for meals, we serve good food. We ensure the quality of ingredients by carefully selecting suppliers, mostly local, and take care in food preparation. Theme weeks increase the variety of the meal plan.

We would be happy to provide more information about catering for hospitals. Simply call us or send us an email. 

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HACCP Concept

Food Hygiene

The HACCP concept is an efficient control system that guarantees strict food hygiene and safety in production processes. Reliability is ensured by consistent documentation and regular HACCP audits are carried out by an external hygiene institute.

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Working times are increasingly flexible. For many people, the availability of a healthy snack throughout the working day is essential.