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Catering - Appetizing and Customized

Serving Meals to Suit Your Taste

Good nutrition is essential for well-being, for productivity and for general health. However,  in day-to-day life, it is often difficult to eat well. Often there is too little time, especially at work. The aim of all of our catering services is to ensure that people have access to healthy food, wherever they are. We have developed products which are adapted to differing needs and requirements – both in terms of nutrition and of taste.

All of our catering services share a few basic principles. For example we take sustainability seriously and the majority of our products come from regional suppliers. If the client wishes, we are happy to provide organic meals and we are able to cater to all special dietary needs.

The equipment we use is adapted to the situation of our clients and not the other way round. This applies to production processes, to the ordering and services systems as well as to payment systems. We are happy to provide for special and individual requests and develop solutions which go beyond just food preparation.

Our catering specialists would be happy to give you further information.

HACCP Concept

Food Hygiene

The HACCP concept is an efficient control system that guarantees strict food hygiene and safety in production processes. Reliability is ensured by consistent documentation and regular HACCP audits are carried out by an external hygiene institute.