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The Whole Range of Facility Services from a Single Source

P. Dussmann Vietnam Co., Ltd was founded in 1995 and has grown into one of the leading facility management companies in Vietnam. It currently provides catering including dietetic services, cleaning, gardening and technical services.

Every day, around 40,000 meals are produced for many different clients: staff catering in industrial parks, dietetic meals for hospital patients; executive catering in administrative buildings, staff catering in hotels; canteens in schools and universities as well as event and banqueting services.

P. Dussmann Vietnam is a pioneer in the cleaning sector, applying advanced technology and modern processes in order to avoid cross infection in medical institutions. We provide clean and fresh surroundings in hospitals, offices, industrial complexes and in many other sectors.

The use of modern technology and cleaning products also makes a contribution to environmental sustainability.

Integrated Management System

Certified Standards

The integrated management system regulates holistic processes and procedures for quality, environmental and health & safety management.


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P. Dussmann Vietnam Co.,Ltd

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