Hygiene Cleaning

Customized and Reliable

We have developed a concept for hygiene cleaning – 360° Hygiene. This holistic approach offers hospitals, other medical facilities and food processing operations reliable hygiene. All of the factors which influence hygiene are taken into consideration in an integrated system.

One component is the cleaning and disinfection plan which we prepare in cooperation with each individual client. The design of our cleaning trolleys ensures that cleaning products are safely stored during cleaning work, inaccessible to passers-by. Automatic dosage systems guarantee that cleaning chemicals are always meticulously dosed and programmed to the needs of your operation.

Hygiene cleaning services include laundry and patient bed preparation as well as surgical sterilization. International know-how transfer enables us to offer very high standards of service world wide.

Contact us. We would be happy to take on all of the tasks necessary to ensure reliable hygiene at your facility.

An overview of our services  

  • Preparation of a cleaning and disinfection plan 
  • Hygienic maintenance cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Special waste disposal
  • Hygienic laundry
  • Patient bed preparation
  • Surgical sterilization
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Initial and Further Training

Qualified and Motivated

Well-qualified personnel is a high priority. We offer a comprehensive program of initial and further training courses on a wide range of subjects.